Statement from Sheriff Paul Penzone on Covid19 Preparedness and Response

As we all know, President Trump has declared a National Emergency to combat COVID-19. Earlier this week, I directed the creation of a cross-functional work group, from various levels within the organization, to share information, develop mitigation plans, and communicate updates to employees on steps being taken by the Office to lessen the risk and impact to our workforce. While the number of confirmed cases in Arizona remains low, we are taking precautionary steps to minimize risk for our employees, while ensuring we can provide the necessary services for our community.

Being a law enforcement agency, we do not have the ability to suspend the performance of essential operations and mandated functions; however, we are able to limit non-essential activities or gatherings to mitigate any potential exposure for our staff and the community.

Per the White House announcement, there will be an increase in the availability of tests for COVID-19 through a partnership with the private sector to test safely and quickly. It is expected that up to half a million additional tests will be conducted early next week with locations to be announced Sunday night.

”Thank you to our MCSO family and all members of law enforcement for all the work you continue to do to keep our community safe during these difficult and uncertain times.” – Sheriff Paul Penzone

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